Posted on 2024/01/10

Human Resources | Generating with internal data and company information Operations to change with AI (ChatGPT)

In recent years, HR operations have been gradually changing. This is due to the use of advanced technologies such as generative AI. As companies feed internal data and their own information to AI tools such as ChatGPT, new possibilities for HR operations are emerging. In this article, we delve into what changes are expected from incorporating AI and how it will impact companies and their employees.

Automating FAQs

AI can significantly reduce the burden on HR departments by providing real-time answers to questions and problems that employees have on a daily basis. For example, AI can instantly answer common employee questions such as payroll, leave requests, and benefits inquiries.

Furthermore, it can be trained by giving it specific tasks and rules within the company, allowing for the creation of a company’s own FAQ system. This allows for smooth onboarding of new employees and immediate resolution of small questions that arise during daily operations. It is also expected to improve overall operational efficiency and satisfaction by providing an environment that allows employees to make better use of their time and focus on more creative tasks.

Employee Development

Employee development and upskilling is key to a company’s growth, and the use of generative AI like ChatGPT makes it possible to provide tailored development programs for individual employees. You provide information about an employee’s past performance, learning style, career goals, etc., and the AI will use this information to suggest appropriate content from internal learning resources and training methods. This allows employees to acquire the necessary skills at their own pace and achieve career growth.

The AI-based training approach also helps employees find solutions to real-world problems they face on the job. For example, by providing information about past projects and technical and management skills in advance, employees can receive tailored advice. This allows employees to respond immediately to specific challenges and promotes continuous learning and growth.

Talent Assessment

Employee performance appraisals are critical to personal growth and organizational success, and leveraging a generative AI like ChatGPT can make the appraisal process more objective and efficient. Given a variety of information, including employee performance data, past accomplishments, and even interpersonal and team contributions, AI supports fair and comprehensive evaluations. This reduces evaluation bias and makes feedback to employees more specific and constructive.

The use of AI also contributes to time savings in the evaluation process. With AI taking care of the tedious data collection and analysis, as well as the drafting of evaluation results wording and feedback, HR can focus on more important strategic tasks.

Transfers and reassignments

Transfers and reassignments are an important process for companies to maximize organizational performance by placing the right people in the right positions, and the introduction of a generative AI such as ChatGPT can help transform this process, AI can be fed data on employee skill sets, past performance, career aspirations, team needs, etc., and get recommendations for optimal staffing. This will enable HR to make data-driven decisions and improve overall organizational efficiency through reallocation.

Hiring Process

The hiring process is one of the most important decisions a company makes, and with the introduction of a generative AI like ChatGPT, this process can be made more efficient and objective. By feeding AI with a variety of information about candidates, such as resumes, CVs, aptitude test results, interview response records, etc., many tasks, such as selection and placement, could be automated. Not only would this reduce recruitment time and costs by quickly identifying the best candidates, but it would also eliminate human bias and provide fair opportunities to a more diverse group of candidates by using consistent evaluation criteria.

In addition, the characteristics and skill sets of successful candidates could be analyzed based on historical recruitment data to define the qualities to look for in future hiring processes. This would improve recruiting operations by refining the targeting of job advertisements and making it easier to attract the right candidates.

HR System Design

Designing an effective, employee-centric HR system is essential for a company’s success, and leveraging a generative AI like ChatGPT enables a more equitable and transparent HR system through a data-driven approach. This could be done by feeding the AI with employee feedback, performance data, benefit usage, etc., and having the AI propose a system tailored to the needs of the employee. This is expected to increase employee satisfaction and motivation.