Posted on 2024/01/12

Planning and marketing | Internal data and in-house information and generation AI (ChatGPT) will change operations.

In general, its use tends to be imagined as creative content creation and innovative idea generation. However, by utilizing in-house data, ChatGPT has the potential to go beyond these areas and fundamentally change the very nature of planning and marketing operations. This article will focus on the new opportunities for operational efficiency and improvement that the combination of in-house data and generative AI offers.

Promotional Activities

Promotional activities of companies are always in need of innovative approaches. In this context, the use of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, has the potential to open new avenues for efficiency and improvement in the planning, operational, and management phases.

First, in the planning phase, ChatGPT analyzes its data and market trends to predict consumer needs and trends. Based on this prediction, AI proposes the best promotion strategy for the target market. Market analysis and strategy planning, which used to take time and effort, can now be done quickly and with high accuracy with the help of AI.

In the operational phase, ChatGPT supports the implementation of promotions. For example, AI can be expected to create content for SNS and Web advertising and provide personalized messages tailored to the target audience.

On the management side, AI can efficiently measure and analyze the results of promotional activities. Information such as which ads performed well and how well, and which channels were most effective, could be provided in real time and used to formulate the next strategy.

Event Management

The preparation and management of promotional events is an important activity that creates valuable points of contact between consumers and companies, and the use of generative AI such as ChatGPT has the power to transform these events into more effective and innovative ones.

During the preparation phase of a trade show or event, ChatGPT predicts consumer interests and needs and proposes event concepts and themes based on them; the AI learns the results of previous events and analyzes which exhibits attract interest and which experiences resonate with consumers. Based on this analysis, planning teams can design more engaging events.

ChatGPT also plays an important role in the approach to engaging consumers in new product development, where AI aggregates consumer opinions and suggestions and feeds them back to the product development team. Consumer feedback could be directly incorporated into product design.

Promotional item management

The selection and management of accessories, posters, and novelty goods used for sales promotions play an important role in enhancing a company’s brand image and attracting customer interest. Here, the use of generative AI such as ChatGPT is expected to improve the process from planning to distribution of promotional items.

In the planning phase, ChatGPT analyzes market data and consumer preferences to suggest what promotional products would be most effective. For example, AI identifies designs, messages, and materials that are popular with specific target groups and provides ideas for attractive novelty goods based on these. This data-driven approach makes it possible to plan effective promotional products that are more in line with the target audience.

In the area of collateral management, ChatGPT can play a role in optimizing inventory management and distribution planning, as AI can predict optimal inventory levels based on past distribution performance and market trends to prevent overstocking and shortages. It can also help make strategic decisions about how many promotional products to distribute at which events and through which sales channels.

Market Research

Market research is an important step in meeting consumer needs, and the use of generative AI such as ChatGPT can revolutionize traditional market research methods, enabling more effective information gathering and analysis.

Generative AI works with a wide range of information resources on the Internet to quickly understand market trends and consumer preferences. Such big data enables companies to respond quickly to market changes and adjust their strategies quickly. AI also integrates various data sources to analyze markets from a more comprehensive and multifaceted perspective.

In addition, AI may enhance traditional survey methods; AI assists in the design of questionnaires and suggests more effective questions. It can also quickly aggregate the collected data to identify consumer needs and trends. This analysis reveals areas for improvement in one’s products and services, enabling more customer-oriented product development.

Competitor analysis is also important in market research; ChatGPT can help you analyze your competitors’ market shares and strategies and clarify your own positioning. This facilitates the development of differentiated strategies and the establishment of competitive advantages.