Posted on 2024/01/11

Corporate Sales and Sales | Internal Data and Company Information and Generation Businesses Changing with AI (ChatGPT)

As the wave of digital transformation revolutionizes every aspect of business, the use of generative AI is driving revolutionary change, especially in the world of corporate sales. Integrating internal data and company information into generative AI, such as ChatGPT, has the potential to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of operations, from sales strategy to customer service. This presentation will discuss specific examples of use of generative AI in the corporate sales field and its impact.

Customer Targeting

Customer targeting in sales strategy is an important process that is key to success. Here, the introduction of generative AI such as ChatGPT has the potential to dramatically transform this process.

Conventional targeting methods use customer databases, but the analysis and utilization of these databases is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process performed by humans. However, with the introduction of generative AI, insights from customer databases can be gained quickly and precisely.

Specifically, AI analyzes customer data and considers a wide range of factors, including buying trends, areas of interest, and historical response patterns. Based on this analysis, AI suggests the most appropriate customer segments, or “target” customer groups, for the company’s products and services. This allows companies to develop more effective marketing strategies, reduce wasted resources, and maximize sales.

In addition, AI dynamically adjusts the most appropriate target audience for a company’s situation, taking into account market trends and competitors. This allows companies to respond quickly to changing market conditions and maintain a competitive advantage.

Automate Inbound Sales

The customer contact point in inbound sales is a channel through which many companies focus their efforts to acquire prospective customers, and the use of generative AI such as ChatGPT can greatly streamline this process and help increase lead acquisition rates.

By implementing generative AI for inquiry handling, the initial one-time response is performed by an AI. Based on pre-populated product information, FAQs, and response guidelines, AI responds quickly and accurately to a variety of customer inquiries. This increases customer satisfaction by ensuring that they get the information they need without having to wait for it.

Automated AI responses also create an environment in which human representatives can focus on more complex issues and advanced customer service; with AI handling basic inquiries, sales representatives can devote their time to more strategic tasks and personalized customer service.

In addition, AI analyzes customer inquiry patterns to understand customer needs and interests in products and services. This data can be used to improve product development and marketing strategies, helping companies improve their overall service.

Improve efficiency of outbound sales

Successful outbound sales depends on providing accurate product information and a deep understanding of customer needs. The use of generative AI such as ChatGPT is gaining attention as an efficient communication method that combines the two.

First, by feeding product information to the AI, the AI understands the features and benefits associated with that product. At the same time, by combining information from its customer database (e.g., past purchase history, products in which the customer has expressed interest, communication history, etc.), AI can propose customized communication strategies for each customer.

In email marketing in particular, AI automatically generates email content tailored to the interests and needs of each customer. This allows for a higher response rate than a typical email that is sent all at once. Furthermore, in the field of telemarketing, AI can provide optimal talk scripts based on customer information. This helps salespeople call with more confidence and focus on building relationships with their customers.

Sales Material Preparation

Efficient and effective sales material creation is key to success in corporate sales. Again, the use of generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the sales process.

For example, the process of searching and reusing past sales literature has traditionally been time-consuming and labor-intensive. With assistance from generative AI, however, the necessary materials can be quickly identified and provided in the appropriate form. This allows salespeople to spend significantly less time creating materials and more time focusing on more important customer relationship building and strategic work.

In addition, by inputting customer information into the generative AI, customized sales materials can be created for each customer. This allows for a more personalized approach, taking into account each customer’s needs and past purchase history. Based on this information, Generate AI can suggest sales materials with appropriate content and formatting to reduce the burden on the sales representative.

Advice on how to proceed with a deal

Learning from past deal history is valuable in the progression of a sales deal, and with the help of a generative AI like ChatGPT, this historical data can be used to provide insight and specific advice for current deals.

The first step would be to give the AI a history of past orders. A variety of data can be examined, including the characteristics of successful deals, the client’s needs, how negotiations were conducted, and the factors that led to the eventual award of the deal. Through this analysis, AI can provide specific advice based on past success patterns for ongoing deals.

For example, AI can offer ideas for applying past successes to current deals, such as successful sales strategies for clients in similar industries or specific negotiation styles that have worked. This allows salespeople to move forward with deals more strategically and improve their chances of success.

In addition, AI provides advice that takes into account changes in the external environment, such as current market conditions and competitor trends. This enables more timely and appropriate strategic planning by combining insights based on historical data with real-time analysis of current market conditions.

Customer Information Management

Efficient management of vast amounts of customer information is required to improve the efficiency of corporate operations. The introduction of generative AI technology is expected to revolutionize this information management, speeding up and increasing the efficiency of business operations.

Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, makes summarizing customer information easier: AI can analyze the information in a customer database, instantly extract the important points, and summarize them concisely. This allows sales representatives to quickly get the information they need and make quick decisions.

The transfer of information to the delivery department after receiving an order is also greatly facilitated by the use of AI. With input from the customer, AI selects the necessary information for the delivery department and provides it in the appropriate format. This reduces misunderstandings and omissions during the information handover process, enabling smooth project progress.