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Automate Inquiries with Generative AI Chatbot

When the chatbot answers, it shows which part of the internal document it referenced. Users can provide feedback on the answers, which helps improve internal information management efficiency.

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Present Internal Data Sources

When the chatbot answers a question, it shows which part of the document it referenced. The source data can be linked with URLs, allowing immediate access to original files in shared folders.
This solves the "hallucination" problem often encountered with standard generative AI like ChatGPT, ensuring answers are based on accurate information.


Feedback on Answers

Users can provide feedback on the chatbot's answers. They can rate the answers as good or bad and leave free-form comments explaining their ratings.
Administrators can view the feedback and ratings in the management interface, allowing continuous monitoring of the chatbot's accuracy and making necessary adjustments to internal data, thereby improving information management efficiency.


Multi-Device Support

The chatbot can be used on various devices, including PCs and smartphones, allowing smooth access to internal information anytime, anywhere.
Additionally, even if users belong to multiple organizations or have access to multiple chatbots, they can quickly access the desired chatbot from a list.

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