Chat Engine Based on Your Data

With Doox, you can build a FAQ chatbot using ChatGPT and other LLMs in a secure environment, utilizing internal data, materials, and documents, automating responses to employee inquiries.

Answers from Internal Documents

Craft a Tailored AI Chatbot Powered by Your Exclusive Data

Create a bespoke AI chatbot that leverages your organization's unique knowledge assets, including internal data, resources, and confidential documents.

  • Supports various file formats such as Text, PDF, CSV, Word, etc.
  • Integration with Notion and crawling of external web pages
  • Tracks the source document for each response provided.
  • Deploy multiple chatbots specialized for various domains.
Secure AI Utilization

Secure Environment for Corporate and Institutional Use

We ensure that your internal materials and the AI-generated responses remain confidential, accessible only to authorized personnel.

  • User interactions and data are never utilized for AI training。
  • Personalized accounts for each team member.
  • Grasp who, when, and how often the chat system is accessed.
Focus Issues

Challenges Doox Solves

Challenges of Internal Inquiries

Information Not Found

When information is not managed, not consolidated, or scattered across multiple locations, the act of "asking people" occurs frequently within the company.


Unclear Who to Ask

It's often unclear who to ask, leading to a game of telephone. The lack of a clearly defined point of contact for internal inquiries often turns "searching for information" into "searching for people."


Time-Consuming Responses

The person asked may not always be able to respond immediately. Searching for and researching information to create a response can take a considerable amount of time.


Challenges of Traditional Chatbots

Creation of FAQs and Scenarios Required

Traditional chatbots require the preparation of frequently asked questions and answers, and pathways from questions to answers, which can be time-consuming to set up.


Creation of Synonym and Spelling Variation Data Required

Anticipating variations in user questions requires the creation of additional dictionary data. Extensive preparation is needed to improve response accuracy.


Tuning and Relearning Require Effort

Post-deployment, tasks such as adding learning data and evaluating chatbot responses are necessary, requiring ongoing maintenance.


With the Generative AI Chatbot Doox

Just Provide Existing Documents

No need for FAQs or scenario data, nor for creating organized data. Simply provide existing regulations and inquiry logs to start using immediately.


AI Understands and Responds

The AI interprets the intent and context to provide relevant, accurate responses quickly, handling synonyms, variations, and internal jargon effectively.


Chatbot with No Maintenance Required

If a response is incorrect, only the source data needs to be corrected. This reduces cumbersome tasks, allowing focus on essential information management.

Various Uses

Use Cases

Inquiries and searches for internal knowledge occur in all industries and business types, and Doox is designed for a wide range of uses without being limited to specific scenes.

Internal IT Helpdesk

Automate inquiries about the usage and errors of internal systems and IT tools.

Streamlining HR Department

Employees can quickly access information about welfare, attendance management, and recruitment.

Information Support for Sales Teams

Sales representatives can instantly refer to product specifications and past transaction histories during negotiations with customers.

Support for School Administration

Students and staff within the school can instantly resolve questions about rules, procedures, and the educational curriculum.

Improving Customer Support Quality

Customer service representatives can immediately search FAQs and troubleshooting guides related to products.

Onboarding Newcomers

Provide concise and clear answers to basic questions about daily tasks and internal rules for new members, promoting smooth onboarding.


6 Steps to Get Started

With Doox, you can automate your internal inquiries and support right after getting started, with a simple flow.

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